Top Rated UK electronic cigarette - January 2013
Top Rated E-Cigs 2013
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Blu Cigs are the best selling U.S electronic cigarette brand. The latest 2011 version of the Blu Cig uses the latest in e-cig technology made by JSB, one of the biggest manufacturers of electronic cigarettes in the world and the company with the best performing vaporizers. You can buy Blu Cigs in the UK from SKYCIG, it is an identical product that comes off the same production line as Blu Cigs and has consistantly been rated the top UK electronic cigarette product 2011. SKYCIG latest cartomizers are the best performing in the industry with the best flavours..
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SKYCIG - Top rated summer 2013, this is the UK version of the famous 2013 version of the Blu Cig which has outstanding user reviews..
E-LITES - Another JSB leading UK electronic cigarette brand. The latest E200 model produces good vapour consistantly with great flavours..
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NUCIG - Now on their Advanced Pro 3 model. This is one of the only UK brands you can find in chemists. They use VG in their e-liquid refills. Another JSB leading brand.
Blu Cigs latest 2011 model by JSB has the best user reviews this year on Youtube for any electronic cigarette in that price band. JSB are the most trusted manufacturers of electronic cigarette products in the world.
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The famous Green Smoke, click above to visit site.
Latest Industry News - September 2011
V2 cigs have officially become the biggest electronic cigarette brand in the world, according to Alexa traffic rankings. V2 cigs are powerful new electronic cigarettes that deliver massive vapour and have a range of delicious flavour.
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SKYCIG electronic cigarette review

SKYCIG are the UK version of the Blu Cig, the best selling electronic cigarette online in the USA. The Blu Cig had gone through various levels of development over the years but the latest 2011 model made by manufacturer JSB (well known for producing the worlds best e-cigs), has had outstanding reviews on Youtube (just type in 'Blu Cig 2011 review') and see for yourself. This is because it is using the latest state of the art two piece electronic cigarette and cartomizer identical to the SKYCIG, they both come off the same production line.

SKYCIG electronic cigarettes were tested and reviewed by us in September 2011, customer service and speed of delivery was excellent. The product perfomance exceeded expectations. SKYCIG cartomizers and flavours were the best we have tried. 

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